Interphones Chantants
Rue Jean Jaurès, Arles, FR

An intercom gig serves as a cultural response to the current pandemic situation. It’s an absurd situation in which one artist is placed into each apartment of a building. If you ring the bell, a piece of music, sound, or spoken words comes out of the intercom speaker and you can enjoy this performance in a safe outdoor environment. It gives you an experience of intimate contact, at the same time a distant setting in which you are in a safe distance from the performer without the possibility of seeing them.
We can re-imagine buildings, and turn them into a sound object, making them perhaps even more alive. Making the bells magical and mysterious. Joining the gap between private and public into one.
I would especially like to thank all the inhabitants of this building who allowed us to enter their personal space and use their interphones.
This event presented four different artists in four different apartments of this building and their creation can be safely listened to through the speaker of the intercom: