Find 5 Differences
Ostrava, CZ
Kukacka Festival
Installation photos (2. and 3.) and text by: Tomáš Knoflíček

The project consists of a pair of large-format photographs with the motif of the gingko biloba tree leaf located on the sides of the entrance into the narrow corridor of a courtyard on a housing estate. Ostrava is a city with a relatively high occurrence of these trees – still rather exotic in Czech conditions. Its presence can be considered symptomatic because, in addition to the healing effects used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is also a tree that is able to face difficult living conditions. Both photographs are numbered, offering the ‘Find Five Differences’ challenge. The spectator who accepts this challenge must run through the corridor between the two stations and visually memorize the two images to find the five differences. However, the pictures are identical, so there is no chance of succeeding (unless the spectator creates the differences). A disturbing moment of play that doesn’t lead to tangible results and thus to the participant’s satisfaction, a location within the obstacles of the city, as well as, seeing this noble tree visible,

Digital print on billboard paper, 1,90 x 1,30m