Here it Comes!
Munsterbilzen, BE

There is a project called ‘Spartacus’ trying to connect the city of Hasselt with Maastricht with a fast-speed tram existing already for 10 years and still in progress. The rail tracks haven’t even been built yet and the whole project is on hold due to financial and political reasons. It is a farce and the citizens already lost their faith in it a long time ago. During the art residency in Hasselt we were asked to react to this project and so I decided to use the official bus stop poles of the public transport company and make them into ironically growing objects/plants that are on their way, yet not there, in a vegetative stage. I planted them in the public space of Munsterbilzen, a small town known for its mass production of plants and flowers for gardens in the province of Limburg in Belgium. The installation can at the same time evoke a cemetery…

Bus stop poles, various sizes

Big thanks to Jeroen Boogaerts